Sorta Selfie


I’m nearly done merging my internet life into one place/name! It’s taking some time, but happening slowly but surely. In fact, I finally had my Facebook page changed to The Ry Pepper.

Also, I haven’t officially announced it yet, but slowly rolled out the fact that I have an Etsy shop, Instantly Gratified. Everything there is for instant download. It’s mostly photoshop actions, brushes, etc at the moment, but will soon include printables and the like as well!

In the meantime, here’s some visual imagery from my daily life:





Perfect Running Weather


This morning’s pinch


Anyone else have an herb garden? My basil is so hard to keep up with, but the cilantro simply won’t grow any higher than 1/2 and inch!

We Took a Ride to Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach


Check these off the list for yesterday:

  • Take the A train to Rockaway beach and lay in the sand
  • Watch world cup final at a local beachy bar with a bunch of screaming fans
  • Run into an old friend and learn they have a local houseboat… visit said houseboat
  • Dance the night away to my brother’s band back at the beachy bar.
  • Get tan.

Lonely Island

CrispHouse   I am shocked at the number of photographs I have stored away that have never seen the light of day (this one is from summer 2011). I’m going to start pouring through the files and sharing them here. Maybe it will even motivate me to get out and shoot again.

Soccer with a View




Leftovers from my time at the sexy circus.

Basil Infiltrator


I definitely over watered a little. Woops!

Provocative Doodle Snapshot