Stop Thinking, Start Doing

All week I’ve been angry with myself for not posting and all week I’ve been trying to figure out why. I worry about crossing too many boundaries and becoming confusing to the “reader”. That’s you by the way.  Then I remember that’s kinda the whole point of this space.  I AM confusing. I’ve never been easy to figure out, especially to myself.  One week my obsession is with photography, the next it’s with drawing and then the next it’s with just watching t.v.  That’s how I roll and that’s why it’s called Arts and Dafts.

The funniest part about it?  One of my biggest pet peeves on earth is when I’m working and the objective is clear but somebody (usually a hard headed man, sorry fellas) has to “talk it out.” Often I find myself wasting time, standing around and listening to someone go on and on and on about which rope we should use and how to tie the knot, etc when really, you just gotta get up there and do it.

Now I need to apply the rule to myself. Just sit down and do it.  I’m afraid my addiction to twitter has kept me from posting some stuff that could be posted so I’m going to fix that too. If I can twit it, I can blog it. Right?

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