Quick and easy tilt shift effect for your photos…

Back in October, I showed you an effect called the “Tilt Shift” which makes it look like you took a photograph of a miniature model.  Well now you dont have to go through all those steps if you don’t want to, you can use “TiltShift Maker“!

Here’s a couple I played with:

Corner of 42nd and Dyer (by RGP)  Playing with TiltShift Maker (by RGP)

Playground on the Roof (by RGP)  Playing with TiltShift Maker (by RGP)

Before is on the right and after on the left.  Click them for larger views.

I think it’s excellent that someone has provided a quick and easy way to get this effect.  It lets you dive into old photographs you haven’t looked at in a while and breathe new life into them.

However, until there’s a few more options (it’s really that simple), I think I’ll stick to my technique.  I prefer being able to put angles on the blur and also soften up the edges.

So how does it work? Choose a photo, upload it (or use a link if it’s already on the web) and then just tinker with the TiltShifter until you get the effect you’re looking for!  Voila!

Word of advice, this effect works best with view from above shots (like the examples I used).  But don’t let that limit your play.  I haven’t even tried it with a portrait yet, could be interesting!

Oh, and check everyone else’s out at the TiltShift Maker Flickr group!

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    odyglo January 28, 2009

    I like your results much better than what I ended up with. Of course, this could be due to the quality of the photo I started with, not very sharp and probably too close up. I’ve bookmarked, great tool.

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