Etsy Wednesday – January’s Visual Art

art by and property of Jeannie Lynn Paske

It’s the last week of January’s theme “Visual Art”.  I’m so glad I was able to feature some of the amazing artists over on Etsy, especially right now when we’re all a little broke and could use some affordable pick-me-ups to make our days a little brighter.

Par for the course, the works in the Obsolete World shop are not only unique and beautiful, but easy on the pockets (unless you’re going for an original of course).  Jeannie Lynn offers up her art in many shapes and sizes like 8×10 prints, 5×7 prints, limited edition prints, originals and even notecards.  Prices range anywhere from $5 – $500 so you’re bound to find something to suit both your financial and creative needs.

Enough about money already.  The piece above is only one of many that caught my eye.  I had the hardest time figuring out which one to feature and in the end I chose “Nakata” because I think it shows off  this artist’s diversity.  She certainly has a very specific style and feel to her work, but the moods range from a little scary to sad to relaxed and so on with each piece.  To me, “Nakata” can be interpreted in a number of ways.

The original was done in watercolor, charcoal, pastel and ink and the 5×10 print is on archival professional quality premium luster paper with archival inks. That means high quality and a long life span for your purchase.  The artist also left a small white border for easy framing.  Oh, and they’re all signed!

I insist you check out the rest of the shop. It’s definitely another case of “something for everyone”.

As a new edition to Etsy Wednesday, I’d like to encourage you to let the artists know how much you like their stuff, even if you can’t buy it today.

as usual, if you have an Etsy find that you think should be feature or are an Etsy shop owner that wants to submit their shop for an “Etsy Wednesady”, please email me at oda[@]daftcrafts[dot]com


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    odyglo January 28, 2009

    This is one of my January favorites. Strange and beautiful. Nice work, thanks for sharing it here.

  2. Reply
    Dumblond January 28, 2009

    Very pretty. I just love the stuff you share.

  3. Reply
    below 14th January 29, 2009

    I’m so happy to see Obsolete WOrld work featured here because I adore it. I own 3 prints and they are lovely.

  4. Reply
    Ry January 30, 2009

    Yay thanks for stopping by and letting us know. Always great to hear from someone who actually has one of the pieces. I can’t wait to own one for myself.

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