Happy weekend! 5 Super Simple DIY Projects

Bookplates from Design Sponge
Print out these super cool Bookplates from Deisgn Sponge. All you need is a printer, paper, scissors and some glue. Oh, and of course a book or two…




Handpainted Teacup
Turn your plain china into something new with this great how-to from LoucheLab.  Just grab a porcelaine marker and paint, a paint brush, glass cleaner and your oven. Voila!



paperclip bookmarksWho needs boring bookmarks when you can make these cuties from Light Studio.  Paper clips, ribbon, scraps, buttons, other embellishments and some glue is all you need to get this project done!



Tile Message Board


Got some old tile laying around? Turn it into handy countertop message boards with Courage to Create.  Add some little felt or cork feet and grab your dry erase markers…tada!



Chalkboard Canning Jars
Just a little chalkboard paint and chalkboard and you’ve got these easy to label canning jars by Flighty Girl.  Just think of all the things you could label…muuhahahaha!

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