A simple question. A complicated response.

It’s not the question that brought tears to my eyes, it’s realizing how deeply complicated a response can be to something as simple as:  Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow? Don’t believe me? Watch this video from Fifty People One Question. Yes, there are more questions.

Me? I want to wake up exactly where and with whom I woke up this morning. But I want to wake up in a world with less stress.  A world where certain dramas have finally played out.  A world where things are a little bit easier.

Oh, and I’d have a super swell haircut.

Where do you want to wake up?


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    Marielle December 9, 2011

    I love this video! It’s touching.. :)

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      Ry December 9, 2011

      Yeah, I was genuinely surprised at how it touched me. If you really like it, check out the rest on their site. But be warned… they’re all moving. lol!

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