Happy New Year!! Bloggers are Trying to Get You Sauced

I have been flipping through my overwhelming blog  feed and realized that just about every other post is someone sharing a tasty cocktail recipe to ring in the new year.  It kinda makes me wish I was hosting a party!

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA no it doesn’t!! But it does make me want to have a few drinks!

Seriously, punks.  These are some of the finest looking beverages I’ve ever seen.  I whittled it down to 8 favorites:

the frostbite mocktail (add vodka for cock…tail)

Mulled wine: Cider. Wine. Honey. Other stuff. I'm in.

Campfire Martini. It's a drink, with a perfectly burned marshmallow in it. Um.

Honeycrisp Apple Spiced Rum. Now.

Creamsicle Mimosas. Cause who has time for a separate desert?

Vanilla, Pear, and Vodka Cocktail. I'll take three.

French 75. Champagne and gin? J'accuse!

White Sangria with Pomegranate....in a bowl.


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