My First Smoke-Free Year & 10 Campaign Ads That Never Helped

It’s true. On January 3, 2011, I completely gave up smoking.  Hooray for me!

FYI to those with friends or family going through what I would consider the most insane, gut-wrenching, mind-numbing, crazy craziness that is quitting smoking… I promise you have no idea just how bad it is.  There literally aren’t words.  One reads about it. Preps.  Asks other quitters. Etc.


I simply did not recognize myself for about a month, maybe more.  And I now understand why those of us who choose to go cold turkey actually stay quitters.  It’s because NO ONE in their right mind would ever want to go through that ever again. Withdrawal has been and always will be deterrent enough for me.

Anyhow, I am certainly not going to sit here and preach about the benefits of quitting.  It works for me. I’m proud I did it.  If you want to keep smoking, well then light up brothers and sisters.  If you want advice on quitting?  Well I can’t really help you. What did it for me was an outside force that I really wanted to be healthy for.  I needed that extra goal. Let’s face it, if quitting for my own health was enough motivation, I would have done so a long, long time ago.

While I was smoking, I HATED seeing anti-smoking campaigns.  They always made me feel guilty and frankly, want to smoke.  Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore and noticed there are some pretty creative ads out there! Here are some of the incredibly clever, but not really that helpful, anti-smoking campaigns:

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