Today’s Photo Feeling: Get Me Outta This

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Today was that day where I woke up in a panic.  I have no idea what I’m doing. No idea where I’m going.

No idea.

So I’m just going to take pictures.  And breathe. And remember to eat.  And focus hard.  And dance naked.  And celebrate the small things. And get a job. And be happy. And be happy. And be happy.


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    KaterinaBonVora February 2, 2012

    hello fellow creative.. hope the day turned out brighter than expected.. I believe everyone who can think outside the box can definitely pull themselves out of any seemingly bottomless situation and transform it into something..unique at the very least. best of luck and keep going. -Kat

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    Belinda Fireman February 6, 2012

    Love this message. Thanks for sharing your vulnerabilities.

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    Carol May 31, 2012

    Nice to meet you dear. I like this blog so much.
    Glad to be a part of this blog. Hope i enjoy here more. Thanks.

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