My Weekend in 15 Photos

Road trip!  Took a brief but much needed road trip out of the city this weekend to New Hope, PA (about a 1.5 hour drive).  The town is absolutely lovely, but I think my favorite part is when we pulled over in the middle of nowhere next to an abandoned building for a pee break which then turned into a soccer/photo outing.  Excellent times.   Enjoy!

You are now leaving NYC

Somehow gutters and sidewalks outside the city are just… prettier.

We cross the Delaware river to get to the other side.

Where there’s a river, there’s a creek.

They don’t grow this way on 33rd street.

A little romance, country style.

More romance.

A small, one room building complete with kitchen and bathroom. Abandoned.

A larger abandoned building next door that I promptly sneaked into. Hooray for unlocked doors.

A diptych of the outside of the larger abandoned building.

A soccer game ensues in the surrounding field.

Do NOT kick that ball into the brambles!

They’re even pricklier than they appear!

If I believed in faeries…

You are now reentering NYC.


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    KaterinaBonVora February 7, 2012

    those photos are excellent.. feel like i went out there myself. :) the brambles, country romance – sweet

    • Reply
      Ry February 24, 2012

      Thank you for the lovely comment! It’s such a nice treat to get out of the city on occasion. Makes it nice to come back, too!

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