Today’s Obsession: Yarn. Thread. Fiber Art Pr0n

After running across a couple images of arms covered in colorful friendship bracelets, which led me to thread, which led me to yarn, which led me to obsess over my love of knitting/crochet/macrame etc… I’ve found myself drooling over all the delicious fiber art porn around the internets in the last couple days.

And yes, also making friendship bracelets so that I may be covered in them too.

1. my colours

2. yarn chandalier

3. ffffound image

4. found on pinterest via ritzy bee

5. spool rack

6. photo found on pinterest

7. friendship bracelets

8. friendship necklaces


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    KaterinaBonVora February 20, 2012

    colourrrr love. :) yeah threads are nice, yarn too, and fabric – adore

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