Turns out… I have denim super powers

My teeny NYC closet. Love!

I am a tomboy.  Surprise!  That’s something I’m working on in the clothes department (notice the heels, dresses and actual splash of color in my wardrobe… those were NOT there one year ago) and something I will be discussing in the future.  But that’s not why I’m here right now.

Like most tomboys, almost 100% of my below-the-waist wardrobe consists of jeans. Today, while seeking out a pair at the bottom of the pile (not shown here cause I’m wearin’ em!), I noticed that without hesitation, I pulled out the exact dungarees I wanted.

In that moment I realized I know my collection of denim so well that I don’t even need to sift through.  I know them by the fold.  By the slight differences in wear, tear and shade of blue.

Scary? Or super powery?

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    Kat February 27, 2012

    tomboys rock! :) nothing quite like comfy jeans. i know what you mean about wear and tear

    • Reply
      Ashong March 14, 2012

      Is this kat from canlalay/?

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