Wishes do come true! Dollar Shave Club

Have you seen this yet?

One day we were griping about the exorbitant cost of razors, and on that very same day we came across the Dollar Shave Club and that hilarious video you just watched.  It was a no-brainer (razors sent to your house every month for $1)  and being big fans of no-brainers, we signed up immediately.

Then just this morning we wondered together, “Dude, where’s our razors?”

The moral of this story?  If you discuss your razor problems with friends and loved ones, your razor problems will be solved:

The tape makes me feel like Mike and Alejandro actually machete'd it and put the package together with their own hands. Nice.

I’ll be sure to let you know the blades actually are on the A&D Facebook page and my twitter.  The verdict is in! Keep in touch!


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    will March 24, 2012

    this video alone makes me want to sign up!

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      Ry March 24, 2012

      Do it. DO IT! DOOO IIITTT

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