Instragram for Android. AKA: The Day I Glued My Phone to My Hand + Help for N00bs Like Me

Hi. My name is Ry, I just got Instagram on my Android phone today and I’m an Instaholic.

As a photographer and early adopter, I have been dying for this app to become available to me.  It’s made me completely insane that A. there’s been a community photography app out there that I couldn’t be a part of and B. my username was just sitting there all vulnerable and waiting to be scooped up by some poseur!  But have no fear! I am “rypepper” and always will be (on Instagram)!!

So, let’s get to the fun part first. A few photos:

My First Shot

The Perfect Daffodil and my first use of the frames offered.

I got hungry somewhere in there, so I went to the kitchen.

Had some lunch with our dining room guardian, Burt Reynolds.

Headed back downstairs to start working on this post.

Realized I haven't shown you my first go at a handmade business card stamp yet.

Rolling Jesus was all "Dude, get back to work." So I took a picture. Cause how often does Rolling Jesus talk?

Ok, so let’s do as Rolling Jesus says and get down to the how to of Instagram.  If you’re like me and have been Android only (FTW!) then you probably haven’t even bothered to look into it very much.  Well, here’s some helpful links to get you started.

But before you do, please go follow me on Instagram. I’m really excited to see you there!

Instagram via the web:

  • Instagrid – A Clean Web Gallery for Your Instagram Photos
  • Webstagram – a really great way to access all your followers, find new ones, get links to you images, etc.  Also includes fun stuff like Photo of the Day (#photooftheday)
  • Hashgram – extremely simple search tool for Instagram
  • Statigram – All the whistles and bells you could possibly desire from an Instagram web viewer including statistics
  • [instahub] – an all in one stop for all the Instagram related web services
  • – another way to view yours and other people’s Instagrams, but also includes a handy follow me piece of code (like the one I used above)

Fun Ways to Use Your Instagram Photos

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