Working! Instagram to the rescue.

I have been working 9am until whenever pm these last couple of days. Tonight whenever was 7:30. Tomorrow it’ll probably be 11. After today or tomorrow I’ll be able to bring my computer (long, boring tech hours) and get back on the internet radar. Sadly I didn’t plan well enough in advance to get some posts ready before this crazy work week began.

What I have  been doing is taking shots and posting them to Instagram.

Please do keep in touch with me through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook while I pull these insane hours in the theater. In case you didn’t know, I’m running automation on a new show at the Westside theater.  Wanna know what it’s called? Check out the poster so you know I’m not kidding around:

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    Laura May 14, 2012

    You can even make the images extra special by adding filters and borders. Store them on your phone or print them out to add to the perfect refrigerator collage. “I love Instagram,”

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