My week back at work in photos. Oy vey!

The day before I started work. Enjoying the outdoors before holing up in a dark theater for awhile.

So sunny. So bright. Tomorrow the theater.

But first a quick stop at the shop to see my piece of automation. That’s an 80″ television that moves across stage AND spins.

Here’s the board I use to operate this monstrosity. Seriously, you don’t know an 80″ TV until you’ve polished it yourself.

The first day of automation load in. We share the deck with carpentry, lights,sound, and video.

What the seats look like while we’re working on stage. Gotta protect them!

On a short dinner break. So nice to see the sun still shines!

Couple of days in we found out the cable in our automation wasn’t working and needed to be taken down and replaced. Not the easiest job on earth.

What my hands looked like after a job like that. You’d be surprised how filthy these jobs can be sometimes.

A dinner break with friends to watch some sports and just relax for a minute.

Taken on the way home sometime around midnight. I love being able to take the bus home now. Just wish it was a little faster.

Hey! Look at that! We have a set including one gigantic matzoh cracker wall! Yikes!

My PM helps me fix the alignment of my monitors so I can see the tv moving backstage. That’s the view from my booth looking at the monitor. Get your flashlight outta my face!

After a week of madness, it’s just me and this green button making things move. Well, and a number of other things including making sure nothing is broken.

And finally, me with my headset on. Ready to settle into a nice long run. Fingers crossed!

The show poster so you know I’m not lying about the title.


  1. Reply
    odyglo April 30, 2012

    Great post! It’s fun to see a little of what’s involved in the dreaded tech week.

    PS- Gloves?

    • Reply
      Ry May 7, 2012

      I wish I could use gloves! Sadly these kinds of jobs are safer without. :(

  2. Reply
    Katia Kieling May 7, 2012

    I love the photos! Did you you Instagram for these? I’m digging the vintage style, so classy!

    • Reply
      Ry May 7, 2012

      I sure did! And thank you. Instagram is a blast! So happy it’s finally on instagram.

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