New Tools I Think You’ll Love – Photo Apps & Watercolors



I can’t stop raving about this awesome traveling watercolor set ATs got me for Christmas. I’d been ogling it for awhile and when I finally got it in my hands… words just can’t express my love (though I tried with my first ever Amazon review – seriously, that’s how stoked I am).

I use it every single day for journaling, doodling and filling out the newest addition to my Keri Smith collection, Finish This Book. It packs nice and neat in my small bag, and the brush that comes with it is divine.

So I’m playing with my watercolors, thinking about today’s creation and I remember that I’ve been meaning to look into a few photo apps for my other favorite tool, my Samsung Galaxy III. After a bit of research I stumbled across the UCam app (free!) that makes focusing a breeze and also turns my volume button into a shutter button which essentially just changed my whole life.

As for the manipulation portion of my photo taking, Snapseed is by far the BEST app I’ve come across. I still can’t believe it’s free. And for a little extra umph in the filters department, I love Little Photo.

I LOVE finding new and fun tools to use in the creative department. Do you have anything swell in your arsenal? Please share with me! My toolkit can never be too full.


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