DIY Personalized Headphones – So Easy. All You Really Need Are Fingers


So my awesome headphones that came with my Samsung S3 (plug because I LOVE MY PHONE) finally died after 8 months of use, and I also figured it was time for a new case. I buy only wallet cases now: A. for the extra protection. B. So I don’t have to carry a separate wallet. C. because just look how swell they are!

casedcIt’s like an extra piece of jewelry. People always comment on it.

I’ve been wrapping my headphones lately too. It keeps them from tangling, protects them and looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I was lucky to find the perfect matching thread to my new case too. Yahtzee!

phonesThis is just about the easiest DIY project you could possibly take on. Simply cut a length of thread (use your judgement here) dab a little glue (i used super glue. hot glue might melt your headphones!!)  wherever you want to start the wrap, and get wrapping. Once you get to the end, dab a little more glue to finish. I added a tiny bit half way down as well to ensure the thread wouldn’t slip and slide too much.

My last pair of dead phones still have their wrap in tact after months of use. Totally worth the effort!

So whaddya think? Gonna try this out yourself? Have you already? (I know I’m not the first genius to do this after all). Let me see!



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    Angel Y. March 8, 2013

    These look great! What a lovely (and super easy) DIY! If I can do it, then it’s foolproof!

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