Simple Black & White Wallpapers to Keep You Motivated

So I’ve been quiet about it here on A&D (because I was afraid of jinxing it), but I am confident enough to mention that I am working really hard to get my lazy ass in shape…and it’s working. Part of that has been my slow ascent into the ranks of the runners here in NYC thanks to the Couch to 5K program.

I also need motivation to keep my act in gear in general. For some reason I slack off even on the things I enjoy. I have this bizarro mentality where I save the fun stuff (and that includes blogging, commenting, etc} for later so I have something to look forward to. Then suddenly it’s the end of the day and I’ve done nothing.

I think of these wallpapers as kind of a string around the finger to remind me to get up and go, in all aspects of life.


2560×1440 // 1680×1050 // iPad // iPhone



2560×1440 // 1680×1050 // iPad // iPhone

Enjoy! Use them! Pin them! Get goin!

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    M April 23, 2013

    Oh really those are so great! I wish I had half the motivation you have. But hopefully one of those wallpaper will help me take the time to workout. :)

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