Writing and journaling are my first loves.  When I first discovered blogging back in 2001, I was instantly hooked. But after awhile I started feeling guilty about having less time to write (or maybe just not looking hard enough for the time…). and not recording my every day like I used to.

Photography helps me capture a little bit of every day and express my creative side. It’s my favorite medium.


My name is Ry Georgia Pepper.  I was named after the guitarist Ry Cooder and painter Georgia O’Keefe.

I’m 34 and live in Manhattan.  I’m an autodidact in: photoshop, knitting, blogging, coding, whistling, swing dancing, photography and much more.

I am a trouble maker, no-goodnik, rough-houser, rabble-rouser and lover of bean & bacon soup. I love sports. I love melting crayons. I love journals with prompts.  I love…