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Nate Cooper

Our Day on Governor’s Island




End of Summer Gnats


Through the Gallery Window



New York

The Greatest Time of Year

sweaterweatherandSeriously, is there any better time? Let’s wear layers!!


Tardis Take Me Away

tardisI was having one of those of days, so I binged on Dr. Who. Is it any wonder why he’s an excellent remedy for those not-so-great moments in life?


My Desk: The Truth #2

Last weeks public display of messiness was so effective in helping me keep it clean for a day or two that I’ve decided to do it again. Plus I really just enjoy the photos.

What does your work space look like today?

My Desk: The Truth #2

Miley Madness


My brief thoughts on the Miley madness after the VMAs. At least it got my mind off other things…

How to Walk in NYC


Day Two After Being Told I Won’t Have Work in Four Weeks


Day One After Being Told I Won’t Have Work in Four Weeks

Because this is what makes me smile. And I think I am DEFINITELY a monobrow today.

I work in theater. In case you didn’t know, plays & musicals come and go like the wind (unless you have the ridiculous luck of working on something like The Lion King or Mamma Mia). I’ve been working on my first ever hit show for the last year and almost a half, and yesterday we received notice that it’s closing in 4 weeks.


I really thought this one was going to be around for awhile. I relaxed for the first time in my 15 year career. I even kinda thought there’d be no more suffering through the freelance grind anymore.

There are two sides of me warring. The side that wants to curl up, be angry, eat pizza, and drink too much wine. Then the side that wants to rally, be strong and carry on. Find the good in the terrifying.

Oh boy now I have time to figure out what i want to …

Oh my god I am so tired of hearing myself say anything like that.

This isn’t one of those sudden, total bologna, realization moments. It’s a marker for where I am right now. Hopefully I can look back (relatively soon) and say, “See? That wasn’t so bad.” In the meantime, who knows?

Have you had any sudden and scary changes in your life?

My Desk: The (Messy) Truth!

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