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Craft Hope for Haiti – You can help!

Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a timeI know this post is rather late in the day, but I think it’s important to get the word out immediately about this amazing group of crafters.

Craft Hope is a crafts for charity site founded by Jade Sims.  The idea is simple, using and sharing handmade crafts in order to help the less fortunate.

They really stepped up to the plate this week by creating a special “Craft Hope For Haiti” Etsy shop which benefits Doctors Without Borders. In just 24 hours they had over 150 sales raising nearly $4,000.  When I last checked in, their sales were well above 200. 

How can you help?  Well first of all, spread the word!  You can grab a copy of that button up there and place it on your blog. Twitter about it (you can simply click the retweet button above this post), tell your facebook friends, tell everyone!

Also, if you’re a crafter, artist…if you make anything at all… please donate your items to help support the cause.  The guidelines for donations can be found in this post.

And of course you can help by going to the Etsy shop and making a purchase. 100% of the proceeds go directly to charity.

The shop will be open as long as they have donations to keep it full so help spread the word!

Appreciate a Photographer Week… Discount on prints!

It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s “Appreciate a Photographer” week!  It’s been “officially” declared by the A Photo Student blog.

From the post:

As I’m sure most of you now know, a recent report
ranked being a photographer or photojournalist as two pretty crappy
jobs to have in its list of  the 200 best and worst jobs of 2010:

#122 Vending Machine Repairer
#125 Waiter/Waitress
#126 Photographer
#131 Maid
#134 Undertaker
#156 Dishwasher
#189 Photojournalist
#190 Butcher
#195 Garbage Collector

With the hope of putting a little smile on the face of a miserable, cold, starving photographer, I am officially declaring this Appreciate A Photographer Week.

So here’s your project for the week.  Try to send a little message to a photographer you admire every day.  A simple email will do and be sure to let them know it’s “Appreciate a Photographer” week!


P.S. You can totally appreciate me all you want!  Check out my photoblog!  And you know what, while I’m at it, I’m going to offer up a 10% discount to the first 20 people who buy a print this week!  Just choose from this selection, click the “Buy Print” link under the photo and when you’re checking out, enter this coupon code:  58C324

Gotta See It – Extraordinary paper art….

Paper Ponytail

If that doesn’t inspire you to go check out the Paper Cut Project, I don’t know what will.

Incredible illustrations by Reey Whaar

Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin (from Family Guy) by Reey Whaar

You must must must go see the illustrations by Reey Whaar.  They are beautiful and sometimes…bizarre.  Here’s his livejournal and profile on Behance Network.

Gotta See It….Chicken beat box?

Some people have the most incredible (and slightly ridiculous) talents out there in the world. This is definitely one of them. I was so blown away, I had to share.  I wonder if she gives lessons?

Gotta See It – 2009 in Photos

Australia Fire
“Burnt out trees outside Kinglake that were destroyed by fire are viewed from this aerial shot on February 8, 2009.” (MARK SMITH/AFP/Getty Images)

I could have looked at 10 more pages of this incredible collection of photos from 2009 at  Go ahead, take a break and give them a look. 

Gotta See It – Grandfather (in a) Clock

Ok, ok, it’s not really a person in that clock, but it’s made to look that way!  Designer Maarten Baas came up with this awesomeness and it’s actually an LED screen on a continuous loop.

Go ahead, see for yourself…

Change Ads Into Art in Firefox!

Duuuuuude, how cool is this?! 

Add-Art is a free FireFox add-on which replaces advertising on websites
with curated art images. The art shows are updated every two weeks and
feature contemporary artists and curators.”

Of course, you should just ooh and aah at it, because some of us bloggers need you to see them there ads. wink wink

Gotta See It – Beautiful Paintings by Leoned Afremov

Rainy Princess

I was so overwhelmed when I saw these beautiful works by Leonid Afremov that I just had to share.  Check out some more over at abduzeedo.

Tim Burton at MoMA!

I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been getting for the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA.  When I first saw an article about it a couple of weeks ago, I nearly fell out of my chair. 

To see Tim Burton works virtually come to life…*drool*

So imagine my surprise and excitement when these photos of the install popped up on Flickr!  Check it out…and don’t forget it opens on November 22nd and runs through April 26th.  Will you be there?

Tim Burton installation (by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art)