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Some More Scenes OTBW

Out the bus Window - pigeon toed

Out the bus Window - three amigos

Out the bus Window - "Wow!"

Out the bus Window - Sunday on the street

Future Punx







933870_10151503577751022_1316860071_nMy amazingly talented brother and his band, Future Punx. Aren’t they swell? Shot at Death By Audio in Williamsburg. Can you figure out which one my bro is?

S.C.enes – My (way too short) Trip to South Carolina

I just got back yesterday from an absolutely wonderful, but totally rainy and way too short vacation. Enjoy some Instagram snaps and videos from my time there.

It rained...

and rained....

And some things prefer it when it rains!

But they also remind us of lunch...

We even attempted to go to the beach... where it rained.

Then we kept on adventuring through the days of rain.

This is what it looked like as I drove back to the airport. Goodbye, South Carolina!

And we got to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view!

And FINALLY... after three straight days of rain, I got to enjoy the sun on the beach.

What did you do for July 4th?

New York. Me. Proud.


IMG_20130628_214457New York City. A home for forward thinking, love, acceptance, and diversity (among other things, like garbage stink in the hot summer months). I was genuinely proud when I saw the Empire State Building shine like a beacon for equality last night.


Sunset Like I’ve Never Seen It


Taken from my block at 33rd and 3rd.


Seen on my Run – East River Mama


Imagine my surprise! See more and follow me on Instagram, wouldja?

Naked Paint Brushes



A couple of paint brushes I have in my office that I shot on top of my light box. I love the way they look unpainted which sadly keeps me from actually using them sometimes… until now.

Latest Out the Bus Window




I’m still having a great time working on my Out the bus Window project. Have you seen it?

Rainy Day Town


The Simplicity of Home


I love being home. I love taking care of where I live. I love going out and getting rowdy and then coming back to home. I love that home is somewhere I can always come back to, somewhere I can hide, and somewhere I can relax.

As with any love affair, I’ve started to document it with these simple photos. Follow my instagram if you want to see more!

What do you love about your home? Have you appreciated your space today?