Myghty Life List

This incredibly mighty woman standing next to me (I’m the one without the tongue), Maggie Mason, is the might behind the almighty Mighty Girl, Mighty Goods and many other mighty things.  She had a brilliant idea (which she does on a fairly regular basis).  It’s called the Mighty Life List.   Her list is so damn mighty that “hundreds of readers” have caught the mighty bug and created their own.


Let the daydreaming begin! Behold…  MYghty Life List in all of its mighty glory:

  1. Get a photo published in the New York Times.  August 2009
  2. Get a photo published in National Geographic.
  3. See and shoot the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).
  4. Attend a world and/or subway series game. (Let’s go Mets!)
  5. Drive across country
  6. Learn to blow glass
  7. Learn to use a pottery wheel
  8. Wear a hat at the Kentucky Derby
  9. Make a career of my life & art
  10. Learn how to edit digital videos
  11. Learn to do the loud finger whistle
  12. Go to an NFL game
  13. Grow a vegetable that I can eat
  14. Learn to bake a pie from scratch
  15. Do something romantic in Paris
  16. Visit an ampitheatre in Greece and whisper from the stage
  17. Write/Illustrate a children’s book
  18. Visit every state in the U.S.
  19. Photograph a tornado
  20. Get a bike
  21. See the sky lantern festival
  22. Have a Guinness in an Irish pub… in Ireland
  23. Write something that inspires people
  24. Live by the beach
  25. Come up with, begin and complete a photo project
  26. Find my handwriting
  27. Knit a sweater  January 2004
  28. Learn how to taste wine and not feel like a tool when I spit
  29. Do something really ballsy
  30. Trapeze lessons
  31. Learn to make decisions without wavering
  32. Grow a flower and shoot it every day
  33. Study the great artists
  34. Learn to darn my socks
  35. Own 5 dresses that I feel comfortable in
  36. Watch every Woody Allen movie
  37. Buy a bunch of tickets to a concert and give people “miracles”
  38. Develop my palate and be able to taste and appreciate all the ingredients in a dish
  39. Speak at Blogher
  40. Have a lawn
  41. Create a coloring book
  42. Find a replacement for my old, favorite, but broken sunglasses
  43. Take a cooking class
  44. Enjoy the journey
  45. Get those tattoos I’ve been meaning to get
  46. Create a calendar of my photos
  47. Set up an online shop (Etsy?) for my photos
  48. Enter and win a photography contest
  49. Publish a book of my photography
  50. Stop filling the silence with minor complaints (i.e. I’m tired. )
  51. Learn, create and/or enjoy something new everyday
  52. Organize my days more efficiently
  53. Complete one DIY project a month
  54. Learn to make crème brûlée
  55. Learn to swing dance Sadly never documented but complete in college!
  56. Spend the night in the 10 “most haunted” hotel rooms in the country
  57. Blog every day again
  58. Learn to sew (machine and by hand)
  59. Master the art of latte milk drawings
  60. Go fly fishing
  61. Learn Spanish & French
  62. Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner
  63. Accept myself completely
  64. Stop being afraid of color
  65. Fill 20 sketchbooks with doodles and drawings
  66. Visit the marker in Kansas that claims to be the center of the United States
  67. Visit the Four Corners and lie in 4 different states
  68. Relearn to cross stitch
  69. See Death Valley
  70. Make my living as a blogger/writer/photographer/artist

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