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Gotta See It: Photos Where Tweets Were Sent

Geolocation: Tributes to the Data Stream

Photographers Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman shot these photos for their series Geolocation: Tributes to the Data Stream. Each image is shot in a specific geotagged location where a tweet was sent.

The results are 1 part humorous, 1 part haunting.

Geolocation: Tributes to the Data Stream Geolocation: Tributes to the Data Streamvia: peta pixel



I told you about The New Hive a little while ago. It’s a really swell creative site where you can mix and match your digital media to create pages of awesome. I’ve been using it to create this little set of images based on characters from the MOST excellent show Twin Peaks.

Plastic Log Lady Audrey Coffee


2013 Daily Creations – Self

My mom said to me that we announce to people these kinds of projects in order to hold our selves accountable. It hasn’t really worked for me. I fail miserably at 365 projects all the time and then tell myself “Hey! Nice try! Maybe next time!”

I turn 35 this year and have declared myself too hold to be a quitter. So let’s do this.

Rather than limit myself into failure, I’m opening up the rules, hence “daily creation.” As long as I take a photo, or paint, or paint on a photo… as long as I take a sincere step to be creative every day, it counts towards the goal.

Me 2013 - Day 1

Today has been extremely challenging. Not what I would call a stellar start to the new year. But I could also say I learned a few lessons about life, relationships and growth. Maybe a little bit about hormones…

In fact, my resolution for the day should be to try and view things more often from the positive growth side, rather than the exhausting, negative, depressing side.

My normal reaction on a day like today is to give up. Forget any and all ongoing projects and curl up in bed. Rather than do that, I turned one of my favorite tools against myself (my phone) and shot a self portrait. A photo of the exact person I was trying to escape all day.

Not such a bad start after all.

Happy New Year!


A Closer Look – Dexter Mat Cutter Packaging

I was preparing a new art project I’ve been working on which required the help of my inherited mat cutter (thanks mom!) and every time I pull this thing out, I just want to stare at it. (That’s what she said!)

Needless to say, my project (which you’ll know about soon) was put on hold for a minute while I documented just how cool this little thing is. I think it’s by far my favorite tool in my art supply bin:

Gotta See It: Minimal Beatles


Minimal Beatles by Jonathan Vizcuna.
Keeping an eye on the world going by.

I got a hankerin’ for Business Cards!

I’ve been working on the redesign of Arts & Dafts and part of that is always rethinking the business end of things. This, naturally, includes a stellar business card.  I always use Moo for my biz card needs, but some of these are making me wonder whether or not I need to get a little… crazy.

Visit my Pinterest business card board for more inspiration!  And don’t forget to follow me while you’re at it!

  1. Pencil cards
  2. Sandpaper cards
  3. Microphone Cards
  4. Hair/Makeup Artist Cards
  5. Creamsicle cards
  6. DIYfabric business cards

Friday Feed Reading – Look What I Found This Week!

The weekend is here!! And even though that means absolutely nothing to my schedule, I can’t help but feel that “Hooray! It’s Friday!” vibe all around me at the end of the week.  To celebrate, here is my fun list of things I found while scooting about the intertubes, including one of my pieces from a little collection I’m working on of Twin Peaks characters. Enjoy!

    • You don’t need a fancy studio to take great shots of outfits on the go.  Check out these inspiring ideas in this great tutorial.
    • As the title says, “A Giant Can of Coke Pops Up in Iran.”  See how artists, Icy and Sot, reacted when their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, declared a ban on large American companies like Coca-Cola.
    • Ever see a piece of fabric walking down the street?  Now you can with William Hundley’s fantastic photo collection.  Go. Look. See.
    • FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS! I want arms full of them! And I will after I go over these great tuts!
    • Friendship doesn’t jsut come in bracelets… it comes in necklaces too!  I want to cover myself in them! v
    • “A unique DNA based typeface” called Skin Type. Appropriate.  Fantastic.
    • Do you drink wine AND enjoy pretty things? Weird!  Combine your loves by making your own Wine Bottle Wall Vase.



My New Hive

I told you about it, now I”m using it.  What a blast this New Hive is!  Want one? I’ve got invites (go here).

Here’s my “expression” about my mini road trip we took last weekend.  What do you think?

Oleg Dou and his Amazing Manipulations

I have never been quite so inspired to drop everything, pick up my tablet and start playing with my shots more than I have been today.  How could one not be after viewing this stunning collection of photo manipulations by Oleg Dou?  Hmmmm?

From Dou’s about: “Being electrocuted when I was two years old is the first thing I remember.”   Is it odd that I want that on a t-shirt?

From his Cubs series:

From his Toy Story series:

Four Extraordinary Artists & One Medium: Book Carving

I knew people were doing some wild things with books and art these days, but when I ran into a couple images last night I realized I had absolutely no idea.  Here is the delicate art of book & paper carving thru the eyes of 4 different artists.  This is some seriously next level stuff, guys.

Here Guy Laramee carves landscapes into books.  Read that sentence again and then go check it out… ’cause woah.