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Awesome Printable Gift Wrap by Mini-Eco

Words can’t possibly explain how much I love Mini-Eco’s printable gift wrap (among other things! What a great blog!)

8 Unique Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins This October!

I LOVE October. I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite month of the year. The weather is just right PLUS apple picking/cider PLUS pumpkins PLUS sweaters PLUS Halloween.

I could go on.

I had a blast making pumpkins last year, and this year I want to get a jump start on some really fun ideas. I wish I had time for all of these:

  1. Fanged Pumpkins – Martha Stewart 
  2. Paper Pumpkins – Whipperberry
  3. Festive Thanksgiving Pumpkin Votive Holders
  4. DIY chevron pumpkins
  5. Paper Pumpkins
  6. Cookie Cutter Pumpkins
  7. DIY Framed Pumpkins
  8. Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial
What will your pumpkins look like this year?

Friday Feed Reading – Look What I Found This Week!

The weekend is here!! And even though that means absolutely nothing to my schedule, I can’t help but feel that “Hooray! It’s Friday!” vibe all around me at the end of the week.  To celebrate, here is my fun list of things I found while scooting about the intertubes, including one of my pieces from a little collection I’m working on of Twin Peaks characters. Enjoy!

    • You don’t need a fancy studio to take great shots of outfits on the go.  Check out these inspiring ideas in this great tutorial.
    • As the title says, “A Giant Can of Coke Pops Up in Iran.”  See how artists, Icy and Sot, reacted when their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, declared a ban on large American companies like Coca-Cola.
    • Ever see a piece of fabric walking down the street?  Now you can with William Hundley’s fantastic photo collection.  Go. Look. See.
    • FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS! I want arms full of them! And I will after I go over these great tuts!
    • Friendship doesn’t jsut come in bracelets… it comes in necklaces too!  I want to cover myself in them! v
    • “A unique DNA based typeface” called Skin Type. Appropriate.  Fantastic.
    • Do you drink wine AND enjoy pretty things? Weird!  Combine your loves by making your own Wine Bottle Wall Vase.



Gotta See It – Ashley Meaders

AM Make Stuff

You must see this artist’s beautiful website.  She’s so cool… she makes swings.


Gotta See It – The TK Helmet Project

Steampunk Stormtrooper

Nerd. Artist. Crafter. Lover of life.  All of us can appreciate the awesome power of a steampunk inspired Stormtrooper helmet, right?  And the best part?  It’s just one of many in the 501st Stormtrooper Legion TK Helmet Project, a charity event for the Make a Wish Foundation.


5 Fantastic DIY Projects

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I know I did, worked my ass off in the theater and had a lovely dinner out with the fella between shows.  Now that I finally have a day off, I want to make all these projects.  As if…

At least I can dream!  How about you make one and tell me about it? Then I can live vicariously.  Works for me.

Sea Salt Sinus Pillow
Clear your head with a Sea Salt Sinus Pillow via evaforeva

Wax Decorations
Super simple and elegant Wax Decorations via Poppytalk

Paper Mosaic
Take on something big with this Paper Mosaic via Craft:

Bead Straws
Store your seed beads in plastic straws via wikiHow

Medecine Cabinet
Turn a medicine cabinet into a Message Center via This Old House

5 Artsy Fartsy Craftsy Designy Blogs you should know about

The last few weeks I have been searching for other blogs like A&D to find some online comrades.  Blogs that love the arts, crafts, photography, whatever.  Anywhere within the realm of creativity.  Now I find myself overwhelmed with fantastic reading material so I figured I’d better start sharing the wealth.

One Pretty Thing
One Pretty Thing is one stop shop for everything handmade.  Daily DIY projects and tutorials, featured projects and a wealth of other crafty info. 

Make Something

Part photoblog, part crafts.  Make Something is one woman’s adventure in making something new every day.

How About Orange

How about orange… is packed with a pelthora of useful resources including fabrics, wallpapers, DIY tutorials and printable projects.  It’s also been nominated for a Bloggie!

Oh Joy

Fashion, design, decor. Oh Joy! has it all and a beautiful blog to boot.

Share Some Candy

Share Some Candy is a virtual museum of all things artsy fartsy.  Illustration, furniture, photography, packaging, sculpture, typography, etc.  It’s all there!

Five great DIY finds this week…

If my world was perfect, I would spend just as much time making these DIY projects as I do staring at them on the internets.  But it’s not perfect and what really happens is I pour over them for what seems like hours saying “ooo I wanna make that one” and next thing I know, the day is over.

So I leave it up to you to conquer my dreams and create! Now you don’t have to spend hours searching  because I’m gonna make you a handy dandy list of fun DIYprojects I found throughout the week:

DIY Pinwheel via Style Me Pretty
hidden jewelry box

Hidden Jewelry Box via Design Sponge

Heart Garland

Super easy Heart Garland via How About Orange

yarn frame.png

Yarn Wrapped Frame via Centsational Girl
(She has you build a frame but I imagine you can do the same on a dollar store find too!)

Simple Weaved Pendant from EvaForeva

Gotta See It – Helen Musselwhite’s cut out creations…

autumn wood

Cottage in a Jar

The work of Helen Musselwhite is truly inspiring. I not only want to own one of these pieces, I want to run out to the store and get some construction paper to play with!

Helen, based in the UK, hand cuts her illustrations out of paper and creates these beautiful scenes by stacking them in complex layers.  Some are mounted in box frames and others, as you see here, are housed in glass jars. 

butterfliesHedgerow birdsCherry Blossom Owls

Etsy Wednesday – Geek Pillows

RSS Pillow
Flickr PillowTwitter PillowDigg Pillow

I don’t know why, but I just looooove anything geek and these pillows by Craftsquatch (awesome shop name!) are simply perfect..and perfectly simple.

Each 12″x12″ square pillow is handcrafted out of soft fleece and polyester filling, making them nice and firm yet totally cozy.  Not only that, but they’re affordable at only $15.99 – $24.99.  (Some of them are a little more intricate than others, like the Digg pillow you see above). 

I would love to see these mixed and matched on my bed or have a couple on my computer chair (it’s a little too big for me so I always need a pillow to prop myself up).  You really need to check out all the different options this shop has, your bound to find just the right one for you. 

Also check the sold section to see some that aren’t currently listed (like Facebook). 

Of course, I’ve got my eye on that Flickr pillow.  It’s perfect!