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Etsy Wednesday – Badass Bookends!

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OK so…. I went missing this week for anexciting reason… I designed and built a new desk for myself. I am so stoked and finally have the space I’ve been dreaming of to actually get some offline work done.

I still have a few finishing touches to add before I share it with you guys so look for that tomorrow or the next day. In the meantime I figured I’d go to Etsy for one of the items on my list which, as you can see, is bookends. But now I have another problem… which ones?

Which ones do you like? Need more? Head over to Knob Creek Metal Arts for 80 more options in bookends alone! I think it’s the cannon for me.. but then I see the beaver with the tree and I’m lost all over again!

Awesome Printable Gift Wrap by Mini-Eco

Words can’t possibly explain how much I love Mini-Eco’s printable gift wrap (among other things! What a great blog!)

Forget Snuggie – Get a Cozy Onesie from Etsy

Thanks to one of my favorite funny gals on youtube, Grace Helbig of Daily Grace, I’ve decided to seek out the hilarious, and oh-so-cozy looking kaola onesie she sometimes wears. I had no idea I’d come across that and so much more…

Pajamas from Pokosplay  $49.99 – $69.99

Happy Handmade Ornaments!

There’s something really special about choosing a new interesting ornament for the tree every year. I particularly love picking a strange one (like #6) or one that needs saving from a thrift shop.

What kind of ornaments do you have? Traditional? Do you get new ones? Let me know!

  1. Nest Christmas Ornaments Blue Eggs Tree Decorations by Fairyfolk
  2. Santa Lamb Needle Felted Christmas Ornament by BossysFeltworks
  3. Christmas reindeer on the run wooden ornaments by botanicbotanic
  4. The Sweetheart Terrarium Ornament by UndiscoveredWorlds on Etsy
  5. Tiny Pine Cone Elves set of 3 ornaments by kaniko on Etsy
  6. Christmas Ornament creepy holiday decor by MadameMacabreShop


Etsy Wednesday – Creative Dexterity’s Geek Jewelry

Volume Up Volume Down

creative dexterity

Today has been kinda rough.  Said goodbye to the fella for the next four months….so when it came to my Etsy Wednesday choice I just wanted something fun.  Something that, if I had the extra money laying around, I would treat myself too. 

Geek jewelry?  Bingo!

I would wear every single piece in the Creative Dexterity shop…well except maybe the cufflinks, only because I don’t have any cuffs. 

Each piece is made with keys from keyboards and then placed in sterling silver settings.  Also, as you can see above, some of them have Cubic Zirconia gemstones for a little extra bling!

You can also have pieces custom made with the keys of your choice, so long as Lauren has them in stock. 

Got a great Etsy shop or know of someone who does?  Send them my way to: submissions[@]artsanddafts[dot]com

Etsy Wednesday – February Photo Feature

Deep in the Woods
“Deep in the Woods”
property of Jude McConkey

Searching for a photographer I want to feature on Etsy Wednesday is tricky business.  As I stated in my last photog feature, it’s important to me that the entire shop excites me.  There are a lot of amazing photographers out there but very few can hold up shot after shot after shot after shot. 

That is clearly not the case with Jude McConkey‘s work.  Every single photo in her shop has a story to tell…or of course the room to make up your own (which as you may already know is extremely important to me).   Every picture is carefully composed and later beautifully post-processed to create a fantastical feel.

Deep in the Woods” immediately caught my eye while I was scanning through the zillions of photographs.  When I was a kid, I used to fantasize all the time about little villages hiding under tree trunks.  I would make forts, craft forks and spoons out of twigs and make tables out of mounds of dirt.

There’s something about the woods that always made me feel safe and with a never ending supply of imagination, I was always entertained.

Jude’s ability to take a photograph and use her imagination to create something more is amazing.  A simple shot of Queen Anne’s Lace becomes something magical, a snowman can take over the world, and trees bow down in exhaustion.  Anything is possible in her world.

The shot you see above, like many of the others, is available as a 4×6 for $10 or 8×12 for $30.  For that price, you could easily buy a number of her photographs and create an entire story on your walls.

Please do check out her shop and of course, if you can’t buy today, you can always leave a little note to let Jude know how much you like her work. 

Have an idea for an Etsy Wednesday monthly theme?  Please let me know by emailing me: Ry[at]ArtsandDafts[dot]com.  And of course, if you have an Etsy shop you’d like to see featured, send that along as well!

Etsy Wednesday – Photo Feature

Coney Island
“Coney Island”
Property of Larry Nicosia

It was obvious to me that I should feature a photographer for this week’s Etsy Wednesday, you know…in celebration of my new toy, but once I start to look through other people’s photography, I just can’t stop.  Hence the late-in-the-day post.

When I finally came across Larry Nicosia’s Etsy Shop, it was love at first sight.

The first shot that drew me to Larry’s shop was “Sandstorm on the Beach“,
another minimal yet provocative piece like the one above.  However, it’s very important when I
feature an Etsy artist that the entire shop be something I want to
promote, so I scanned through most of the photos. 

There isn’t one
single shot that I wouldn’t mind having in my home.   Some more so than
others of course, but they’re all beautiful.

It’s the same way I feel about any visual art. I want it to be beautiful and make a statement but even more importantly, I want to tell my own story.  So in the end, I usually find myself lingering on the more minimal pieces.  Like this amazing print you see above. 

You know by the title that it’s Coney Island, one of the loudest, brightest places in Brooklyn, NY.  What’s unique about this shot is the sense of calm I get at first glance and then a little excitement creeps in when I think about what was going on over there in the park. 

The only issue I have is that I want it as a giant print.  Y’know, one of those pieces that’s 5 feet long and covers a wall.  This gorgeous 6.5×16.5″ print will do just fine however, and it’s only $29.  For that price you could easily purchase another one of his prints and pair them up. 

Oh, and as an extra added bonus, this weeks artist is from my current hometown of Brooklyn and he’s very new to Etsy. So why don’t you head over, check out his stuff and even drop him a line to let him know you like it, even if you can’t buy your own print today.

Etsy Wednesday – Christy Kane

Christy Kane (by RGP)
Christy Kane with Eudora and Clara

It doesn’t get much more gorgeous and unique than this week’s Etsy Wednesday.  I had the pleasure of meeting the extremely friendly  Christy Kane at the NYC Comic Con last weekend when I spotted her incredible dolls from across the aisle.

At first glance, the handcrafted gals were all I could see and I was instantly drawn to them.  Then after speaking with Ms. Kane and checking out the rest of her table, I realized how much more there is to her creations. 

Christy is not just a dollmaker, she’s also a writer and photographer.  She places her dolls, each with their own special story, in antique settings and creates their life sized worlds with her imagination.  She’s published a book called “Tales of the Sisters Kane” and also created this beautiful short titled “Callalilly”: 

She offers beautiful t-shirts, bags, jewelry
and of course the dolls in her Etsy shop, but I’m afraid you’ll have to come back for the handmade ladies.  Christy had them with her at Comic Con and she’ll be traveling with them until the 16th.  Until then, watch the short, check out her book and view the dolls on her site.

Etsy Wednesday – The Comic Book Edition

My Brain Hurts
“My Brain Hurts” Issue 8 Cover Art
property of Liz Baillie

I was only introduced to the work of Liz Baillie just yesterday by my cousin Todd.  I knew I wanted to find a female comic book artist for this week (in celebration of NYC Comic Con) and as an extra added bonus, she’s from Brooklyn (y’know, like me) and has an Etsy shop… so I basically hit the jackpot.

Plus, I looooove her work.

Liz draws her inspiration from growing up in NYC.  The stories are fantastic (those that I’ve seen so far) and she clearly has a greater message than just being a wild teenager in the city.  Her Etsy shop concentrates on selling single pages of her original art (like the one above which even includes a bit of white out on the top), but you can also purchase full comics, t-shirts and more from

You can own the piece above (drawn with red pencil and archival quality black ink) for $35.00.  It measures 9″x12″ and if you want it signed, she’s happy to do so for no additional cost.  Liz also offers full pages for the same price.

It wasn’t just her work that drew me to her, she also has a bangin’ personality.  Get a little glimpse of Liz in this mini documentary and then tell me you wouldn’t want to hang out with her for a day:

Share this post with your friends.  Comics are for everyone, any age.  We don’t have to be kids to get the messages.  Also, it’s always inspiring to see a woman breaking into what we might normally consider a man’s world.

I hope Liz plans to attend Comic Con because you know I’ll be looking for her!
Liz kindly replied and said she will in fact be at the NYC Comic Con.  Sadly it will only be for a short time, 3-5 on Saturday at the Indie Spinner Rack table in the Podcast Arena, so get there fast!  And now you’ll know where to find me around then…

Etsy Wednesday – January’s Visual Art

art by and property of Jeannie Lynn Paske

It’s the last week of January’s theme “Visual Art”.  I’m so glad I was able to feature some of the amazing artists over on Etsy, especially right now when we’re all a little broke and could use some affordable pick-me-ups to make our days a little brighter.

Par for the course, the works in the Obsolete World shop are not only unique and beautiful, but easy on the pockets (unless you’re going for an original of course).  Jeannie Lynn offers up her art in many shapes and sizes like 8×10 prints, 5×7 prints, limited edition prints, originals and even notecards.  Prices range anywhere from $5 – $500 so you’re bound to find something to suit both your financial and creative needs.

Enough about money already.  The piece above is only one of many that caught my eye.  I had the hardest time figuring out which one to feature and in the end I chose “Nakata” because I think it shows off  this artist’s diversity.  She certainly has a very specific style and feel to her work, but the moods range from a little scary to sad to relaxed and so on with each piece.  To me, “Nakata” can be interpreted in a number of ways.

The original was done in watercolor, charcoal, pastel and ink and the 5×10 print is on archival professional quality premium luster paper with archival inks. That means high quality and a long life span for your purchase.  The artist also left a small white border for easy framing.  Oh, and they’re all signed!

I insist you check out the rest of the shop. It’s definitely another case of “something for everyone”.

As a new edition to Etsy Wednesday, I’d like to encourage you to let the artists know how much you like their stuff, even if you can’t buy it today.

as usual, if you have an Etsy find that you think should be feature or are an Etsy shop owner that wants to submit their shop for an “Etsy Wednesady”, please email me at oda[@]daftcrafts[dot]com