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Etsy Wednesday

Great Gherkin

As you might have gathered already, my favorite part of Etsy searching is finding something totally different and a little outside the box.  Imagine my excitement and surprise when I found this!

First let me explain that the gherkin is a treasured pickle in my family.  You see, there is an old tradition on Christmas day.  Someone hides a gherkin on the tree and before anyone opens any presents, there is a gherkin hunt!  The rules vary from this point.  Some reward the winner with a special gherkin gift and some winners simply get to open the first present of the day.  You can make up your own rules really…just so long as there’s a gherkin on the tree!

Also, say gherkin a few times and try not to crack a smile.

This “Great Gherkin” clay ornament was created by A Little Character on Etsy. Their shop is filled with some fantastic and truly unique items.  Ever wanted a zombie magnet? Well now you know where to go! 

photograph property of A Little Character