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Friday Feed Finds

It’s that time of the week again where I dive head first into the arts & design folder of my feed reader and resurface with some of the coolest finds.  What about you? Find anything new and inspiring in your feed reader this week?

  • Computers and the internet have made it possible for all of us to become movie makers these days.  That’s awesome but sometimes it’s hard to get to the really good stuff.  Thankfully this one has been spotted and passed around.  via: BOOOOOOM

Christopher Smith – Gently Gently from Boompa Records on Vimeo.

Gotta See It: Artist Elene Usdin

Finding an artist like Elene Usdin reminds me that it’s a great thing to be multifaceted and we don’t always have to concentrate on that one avenue of our work.  Expanding and trying it all can produce some seriously fantastic work.  See for yourself:

Elene Usdin
Elene UsdinElene Usdin
Elene UsdinElene Usdin

Feed Reading – A Monday Edition

OK, I’ve been quiet long enough.  Still working on the redesign but if I don’t get some blogging time in, the guilt will overwhelm me.  I hate that I missed last week’s dip into the arts folder of my feed reader so we’re gonna have some inspiration today.  What day needs inspiration more than Monday anyhow?

  • 3D is in.  It’s like, so in.  However, I was really surprised to find this chunk of images on Inspire Yourself, stereoscopic images to be exact, because I was completely unaware of this technique until now.  You bet your ass I can’t wait to try my hand at it. via: 72dpi

Friday Feed Reading – Inspiration from my arts folder

Happy Friday everyone! It seems the general consensus these days is that we’ve all subscribed to more blogs than we could ever possibly read. Take a moment today to browse and remind yourself why you started following them in the first place.  (for those of you not subscribing yet, I suggest using Feedly!)

I wish I had room enough to share with you every awesome thing I’ve found. Here’s some highlights from the Arts folder of my feed reader this

  • The incredible work of Gregory Euclide makes me want to go play in the park.  I used to love playing with little twigs and found objects to create miniature worlds when I was a kid.  Gregory is doing it as an adult and artist and it’s stunning. via: 72dpi
Capture#11 (by Gregory Euclide)

capture #13 (by Gregory Euclide)Torn from the making of knowing's vista (by Gregory Euclide)New Work For SCOPE(by Gregory Euclide)Capture#13DETAIL5(by Gregory Euclide)

Friday Feed Reading – Inspiration from my arts folder

I had so much fun highlighting some great stuff found via my feed reader last week, that I just had to do it again.  Nothing like some quick inspiration to get your day going, right?

Did you find any great entries in your feed reader this week?  Please do share them with me!

  • Check out this incredibly AWESOME idea to turn a pre-fab garden shed into a studio!  Stupid Brooklyn and my lack of backyard.  Maybe I’ll put one up in the park? via – design*sponge 

  • While you’re at design*sponge, check out this super DIY project.  Turn a plain ol’ ikea chair into a beside table with a drawer! *loooove*

Gotta See It: Hitchcock Re-Envisioned

The Birds

What did I say when I saw this set?  “Whoa.”  That’s what I said.  Laz Marquez has created this extraordinary set of re-imagined Hitchcock posters.  I tease you with my favorite (because “The Birds” terrifies me still…in a good way) and insist you go look at the rest of his poster work. 

Call to artists…’Let’s Save Michigan’ poster contest

Lets Save Michigan

Hey creative Michiganders! Did you know there’s a campaign to save your state that needs a poster design?  Well now you do, so you’re welcome.

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and Let’s Save Michigan have issued
an open call to artists, illustrators, and graphic designers for
original posters to inspire Michiganders to revive their state.

The poster should inspire people to take action and do what’s necessary to revive Michigan.  The campaign is looking for something “forward-looking, inspirational” and it has to include the phrase “Let’s Save Michigan.” 

The contest is open until February 15, 2010 and you can submit your ideas here. The winner will recieve $1,000 (runner up gets $250) plus the winners will have their work displayed during a special reception in the spring!

Incredible illustrations by Reey Whaar

Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin (from Family Guy) by Reey Whaar

You must must must go see the illustrations by Reey Whaar.  They are beautiful and sometimes…bizarre.  Here’s his livejournal and profile on Behance Network.

Gotta See It – Beautiful Paintings by Leoned Afremov

Rainy Princess

I was so overwhelmed when I saw these beautiful works by Leonid Afremov that I just had to share.  Check out some more over at abduzeedo.

Gotta See It – Dirt Poster

dirt poster

I love this project, the “Dirt Po(or)ster)” by Roland Tiangco.  Check it out to see a bunch of photos.

A poster the recipient completes by revealing spot-varnished type with
hands made dirty by handling the poster. This is the first of a series
of posters.